monologues, and creative writing by me

A Poem for the community who calls themselves society 

“the real criminal is a society that turns its backs on people going through hard times, and the government that has obviously never walked in the shoes of mental health , suffering and addiction.”

 Phantoms of sorrow increases with foraging hope with faded psyche. 

Figures before my fearful unhappy idle soul. 

The heart that feels pains that with change could voice self and leave their demon of influence. 

I sang with solitary being. 

Feet, fingers, hand and head eyed many loves afar. 

Cruel chance again, tells my tears into years known by eternity.

when midnight air careless will follow such dark woes, – 

handed melodies of sorrow, 

the still promise of

Eternal slumber. 

Soft moon glowing,

I sit at the base of sorrow mountain dreaming our life may find home.

or wait for fair gods to let relentless waste i am to cease this anguish and in death,


Bury me beneath this town. 

Governing Demons wanted us for strength.

 now man armed with spells to bring one so cold and lifeless, back to the darkness of living. 

When waking us from a peaceful end shall fill my days with the hunger for veins filled with poison.

barred from heaven while society think cruel lies of me as truth. 

when high we will sleep well and feel pleasure for our soul fears not death, a cold humanity done to us far worse.

Gaze long into your reflection, is your lack of empathy too much to face?

Miss Take's monologue...

Our villain banters about how smart she thinks human beings are while antagonizing her next victim. 

Leaving them with an introduction to who she is.

Given the circumstances of my life…..

I would measure the intelligence of any given species by one simple thing.

How it treats each other, a wolf no matter what color, size, what part of the world it's from, when it finds a pack as long as its comes to them without malicious intention it will be welcomed to hunt ,eat, and freely be part of that pack.


This makes a good case that wolves are far more intelligent than humans.

We seem to want to destroy everything that would guarantee the survival of our species, why?

Do we truly crave our own demise?

Well, your time has come.

I am here to soothe that craving.

You can call me Miss Take, and thank society…….

They made me.

THE DEVILS NOT A BAD GUY.....monologue 

the devil dialogue:

you want what from me?

you brought me here for this?

It's all of your fault, you know, on the grounds that the second you were created… you had been given choice.

So now, he's up there at the same time as I am stuck down here and that's what you really want from me?

first allow me to tell you a funny story,

I was kicked out and informed I was going to be an opposing choice, so you could have more “options”. light and dark, good and bad, GOD and DEVIL.

now you are starting to get it aren't you.

well this brought on a fight between me and “father”.

I had not heard from him in a long time until one day the phone rang.

(phone rings) 

(rings again)

so I answered,” hi dad, oh you need a favor, huh

Sure why not? What is it?

What do you mean you are sending my new half brother to stay with me?

(hangs up phone) “Jesus Christ”

So of course he shows up on time, and we get to talking. Turns out he’s sort of a cool guy.

we decided to play a joke on humankind, ….

so I send him back ,


Time goes by a little differently around here. How were we supposed to know it had only been three days?

well anyway, he goes back home and puts in a good word with our father for me, now I get to go home each Christmas….

Happy birthday bro.


Now, tell me once more why am I here?

What was so crucial that you needed to summon me all the way here?